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The Annual Forum of CSEMBA

2021 The Annual Forum of CSEMBA

The Annual Forum of CSEMBA is a platform for exchange cross-strait practical experiences, to disseminate and share the latest information of business management, technological innovation and human development, so as to promote dialogue among all walks of life and help enterprises to transform, upgrade and develop sustainably.



China - Suzhou:2021.8.28 Novotel Suzhou SIP  (Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic)

Taiwan - Kaohsiung:2021.9.04 National Sun Yat-sen University EMBA Center

Taiwan - Taipei:2021.9.10  Cosmos Hotel Taipei

China - Shanghai:2021.9.11 Grand Millennium Shanghai HongQiao


Registration Link

◆ Suzhou: Cancelled

◆ Kaohsiunghttps://reurl.cc/En5l5n

◆ Taipei: https://forms.gle/2tGabtHSaDGwHobTA

◆ Shanghai: https://www.hudongba.com/party/3rnk5.html?hdb_pos=manager_info



【Main campus of NSYSU】

Contact Person:Ms. Angie Tu
TEL:886-7-5252000 ext 4503、4504、4505
AddressFloor 4, Room 4055, No. 70, Lienhai Rd., Kaohsiung 80424, Taiwan, R.O.C


【CSEMBA Coordinator - Shanghai】

Contact Person:Ms. Rita Kuei
AddressFloor 7, Block A, Tingji Building, Siping Road 1500, Yangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, 200092 China